• October 17th, 2018
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Ex-Koevoet distances himself from threats


WINDHOEK – An ex-Koevoet soldier has distanced himself from threats made by the Namibia War Veterans Trust (Namvet) chairperson Frans ‘Jabulani’ Ndeunyema, who vowed to “put sand in the meal” if their demands for monetary compensation from government are not met. Koevoet was a ruthless unit that committed war atrocities against Namibian civilians and members of the then Swapo military wing PLAN during Namibia’s fight for freedom from illegal South African occupation. Earlier this week, former Koevoet member Rhon Mupya said former fighters would continue fighting for compensation in a peaceful manner and not by making threats against the government. “We do not support his threats, from our side we will continue fighting to get our money in a peaceful manner. A decision was made for reconciliation to take place and we must all adhere to that,” said Mupya. Ndeunyema last month made a thinly-veiled threat saying: “If our demands are not met, we are going to put sand in the meal, if Swapo does not apologise by April 01 this year, and if we hear they are tying to sabotage the release of our money from South Africa, we are going to spoil it all for Swapo.” Mupya said: “If Jabulani wants to act in a violent manner he must do so alone and not make it seem as if the whole group wants to use force.” Mupya however feels reconciliation will never be complete if ex-Koevoet and ex-SWATF members are not compensated. “I think he has a hidden agenda that he is not sharing with us,” he said. New Era last week reported that former Koevoet and SWATF fighters who joined DTA of Namibia last year are unhappy with plans by the incoming official opposition party to rebrand itself. Ndeunyema claimed the step to rebrand the party is an effort to disassociate itself with the colonial regime as well a way of shunning former Koevoet and SWATF soldiers. The party made it clear that the former pro-SA regime fighters would not dictate its agenda. “Jabulani must make it clear whether he is fighting for former fighters to be compensated or whether he is a politician because he cannot mix the two,” Mupya said.
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