• November 15th, 2018
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A hourable councillor with a shortsighted ideology

Dear Editor Please spare me space to express my views on behalf of many who are voiceless in our constituency. One wonders how succession of power in our party comes by without proper vetting of an individual who once sat in the opposition and at lunch time changes seats for better ground at the expense of the poor people in the constituency. The man at the helm of this constituency currently is not known in the inner circles of Swapo from the genesis of our mighty party to date. The only books he has written are that of UDP and DTA of Namibia. Historically his life was marred with hierarchy in those two opposition parties where he enjoyed several top sports positions and accumulated hefty dirty wealth at the expense of the poor who were colonised by South African minority rule. In this constituency most tenders go unnoticed - all properties are his and for his children who are lavishing in flamboyant lifestyles, driving expensive cars and owning more expensive prime plots for their rental buildings. Who does checkups on people like him? This constituency has a child of its own who many believe can take over the legacy left behind by others, an energetic young vibrant businessman who believes in today for all and tomorrow for the future. We have been a sale-out without compromising when we allowed this DTA founding member to lead this constituency against our will and wishes. How long can we still cry and endure this political calamity without hearing us out loudly. While we uphold the reconciliation banner in our hearts please ask this man to resign from the DTA at least and let him follow the right channels of joining our mighty Swapo Party and he will be welcomed with open hands – a culture we honour and cherish in Swapo for decades now. Swapo Party losing this constituency due to a wrong candidate will always bring back the anomalous memories of a political laughing zombie again, the past which we have forgotten and are all gone. • Kubona Kameeto, a concerned Sibbinda Constituency inhabitant and paid up Swapo member.
New Era Reporter
2015-03-06 08:57:57 3 years ago

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