• November 20th, 2018
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Namibians attend eminent law conference


WINDHOEK - Namibia through top officials from the Ministry of Justice was recently represented at one of the most prestigious international law conferences globally, held in the UK. Leading the delegation was the Deputy Minister of Justice, Tommy Nambahu, who described the event as a huge success in terms of output. He told New Era in an exclusive interview that the two-day event attended by imminent persons from the law fraternity worldwide was a worthwhile exercise in terms of the information gathered. According to the deputy minister it was just a pity his delegation was relatively small and they could not attend most of the seminars held simultaneously, but the ones they managed to attend were insightful eye-openers. “For us attending such events and learning from them is undeniably a must in order for us to strive to host such conferences in future,” he said. The Global Law Summit held under the theme, “Driving Economic Growth Through The Rule of Law, Law at the Heart of the 21st Century Business, Magna Carta Principles and Modern World Solutions and Law as the Foundation of a Strong and Prosperous Society,” was held in London, UK from February 23 to 25. Topics covered would bring Namibia on par with current world trends in international law. These included how law firms and lawyers can contribute to the rule of law as well as the importance of a reliable court system. Having a reliable court system is a sure way to attract the arbitration of disputes which in turn will mean revenue for the country. Nambahu touched on the fact that Namibia is currently importing law professionals either as senior counsels or judges, adding it should strive towards becoming exporters of the profession. While some critics feel Namibia for its small population size does not need many lawyers, Nambahu is of the opinion that Namibia can and must be able to supply law professionals to neighbouring countries and even internationally. He said the conference also dealt with corporate governance and the rule of law in investments. Discussions were held regarding the role that a company lawyer who in most cases also doubles as the company secretary can play in uplifting the company’s profile. Investments are guided by the laws of a country and this is where lawyers play a crucial role in directing where investment is needed most. No country which is dependent on direct foreign investment can allow an investor to dictate to a country where it wants to invest, he stressed. “This is what makes such international conferences so important,” Nambahu said, adding that it is the platform where decisions are formulated and consensus is reached. “The law is evolving all the time and as a nation we must keep pace with it,” stated Nambahu. “Knowledge is power,” the deputy minister emphasised, adding that no one can take away knowledge once you possess it. Such conferences are a benefit to participating countries as it brings together people from different backgrounds working as team for the benefit of all, he concluded.
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