• November 17th, 2018
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Stop pushing us around

Seriously, I was very disappointed by the way police officers confined journalists to a crowded spot prohibiting them to take proper photos during the commemoration of the recent 24th Police Day anniversary that kicked off with a police march in Oshakati in Oshana Region recently. It was very sickening for police officers to restrict journalists from taking pictures of their choice during a national event while at the same time expecting good coverage of the event. My dear readers, these officers whose names I cannot mention decided to follow journalists around wherever they moved to take pictures grossly interfering in the execution of our duties. Throughout the proceedings the police barked “go back,” as they made our lives a living hell. Where on earth have you seen journalists being controlled by police officers to take pictures most especially at the event intended to glorify them. Why did they invite us in the first place yet they expected us to take photos and prevented us from taking, all in the name of security. One bossy and disrespectful police officer even had the nerve to order journalists to sit flat on the ground in the scorching sun. What a screaming shame and what an injustice! I think police officers sometimes think that journalists are enemies of the events, which should not be the case because we can work in harmony with each other without harrassing and pushing each other around. Let us respect each other during these national events for the public’s interest that we all serve. Next time you invite us ensure you give us a decent designated place and treat us with respect just as we treat you with respect when you execute your duties and stop bossing us around. My advice to police officers is please focus on your job and let journos do their job freely because they are the eyes, ears and nose of the public. At least let me use this opportunity to thank my good friends from the police especially Omusati and Ohangwena who are very cooperative when it comes to giving crime reports on time to the media. Public relations officers from the abovementioned regions deserve our hat offs because they are always available if they have information. Seriously Oshana needs some improvement because it is very hard to get any information from this region especially when the regional commander and his deputy are out of town.
New Era Reporter
2015-03-06 08:51:53 3 years ago

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