• June 26th, 2019
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Woman killed in frenzied knife attack


OLUTEYI - Annalise Tuunane Ndakongele, 34, succumbed to over 20 stab wounds allegedly inflicted by her lover on Wednesday night at Oluteyi in Okahao Constituency. The deceased was stabbed four times in her left breast, two times in the neck and all over the rest of her body. The deceased is the first to have been murdered this year allegedly by a lover in the Omusati Region. Walls in her room, her blankets as well as the mosquito net hanging in her room were heavily bloodstained – a grim reminder of the brutal knife attack that cut short yet another woman’s life. A three-litre bottle of Tassenberg was also found in the deceased’s room. Ndakongele died in the presence of their two-year-old son who was left to spend the night in a pool of blood next to his mother’s lifeless body, after the suspect fled the scene into a nearby mahangu field, according to a neighbour. The 13-year-old daughter who was at home at the time of the killing narrated that she heard her mother screaming at around 23h00 and then rushed to the neighbour to seek assistance, however she returned home alone when the neighbours refused to assist. “The neighbour said I should go back home because she was also scared so I went home and locked my room,” said the daughter. She further told New Era the suspect came to the house that Wednesday night. “They first went to bath and then they went into the room where they stayed while I was preparing dinner. When I finished I called them to eat and I went to my room to sleep,” recounted the grief-stricken daughter. She said she did not hear the two argue, but saw the suspect carrying a bottle of Tassenberg wine as well as a plastic bag full of sweets that he had brought for his son. Without suspecting anything, yesterday morning when she woke up she found her little brother clutching her mother and father’s cellphones at the kitchen table. “I walked towards him and asked for our mother; when I got into her room her legs were hanging towards the floor while her body was on the bed, and there was blood on the wall, the mosquito net and the blankets,” related the daughter. She said she rushed out of the room to inform the neighbour who asked her to go back in the room and touch her mother. “I touched her stomach but she was not breathing and I could see she had stab wounds on her neck.” The owner of the house who was at work at the time of the incident had no words to express his shock. A source said the duo’s relationship had turned sour because the suspect has another girlfriend in the area of Etilyasa where he is employed as a domestic worker. By yesterday, New Era had learnt that the suspect was being treated for a throat wound. According to sources, the suspect had wounded himself in the neck in what could have been an attempt to take his own life after the murder. The deceased, an orphan, hailed from Oluvango in Omusati Region. A case of murder has been opened with the Omusati police.
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2015-03-06 07:48:52 4 years ago

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