• November 20th, 2018
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Cycling’s lame excuse!!… Mannie needs lessons in transformation

YOURS truly is now growing tired of writing and moaning about the very same subject almost week in and week out, but as a trusted servant of the masses, one has a social obligation and principal responsibility to point out unscrupulous behaviour in the annals of our sports structures. Close to two months have lapsed now since it came to light that the country’s leading cyclist, one Costa Seibeb was unfairly suspended and unjustly grounded by people who are hell-bent on advancing their own agendas - paraded in misplaced fairness at the expense of those perceived to be posing a threat to their togetherness and far-fetched aspirations. By now, it is a well-documented secret that the Namibia Cycling Federation (NCF) erred big time as they were caught with their pants down trying unsuccessfully to justify the inhuman grounding of one of its stepsons. Common sense suggests that Seibeb, as is claimed by the red-faced cycling federation was ostensibly present at the Kangaroo court that decided his fate must be in rightful possession of the minutes from the said gathering. Despite half-hearted unconvincing persuasions advanced by the federation that the suspended Seibeb was part of deliberations that led to his suspension – the accused vehemently denies such shameful falsified claims and is now challenging the egg-faced cycling officials to produce minutes of the said gathering. The general public only became aware of Seibeb’s shock suspension when New Era Sport - a national news publication the chairperson of the federation, Mannie Heymans, declared to despise wholeheartedly - had detected irregularities and loopholes in the shoddy fashion in which the case was dealt with. It has since come to light that the young Namibian cycling sensation was tried and found guilty in absentia without being accorded the opportunity to present his case concerning events that led to his inevitable withdrawal from the Namibian team to represent the country at the prestigious Africa Olympic Qualifiers in neighbouring South Africa. When alerted by his most hated source of information (New Era Sport) that Seibeb, as a confirmed individual and bona fide citizen of his native land – Heymans sarcastically or rather shamelessly, in a frozen tone let it slip through his clearly untamed tongue that the young man has no business in complaining, adding that the boy should rather keep his lips zipped because he (Heymans) at some stage had given him a bicycle as a gift. One of the best measures to put this ugly debacle to bed that has the not-so-cool potential to bring the sports of cycling into disrepute is now for the embarrassed NCF to come forward with naked truth – avail the minutes or else retract its earlier statement, admit the lies, apologise unconditionally to all the people it has vigorously trampled on to shade its failed bid to cover up for its indiscretion that led to this embarrassing shenanigans, and above all, own up and be prepared to face the ultimate consequences of its actions. A quick reminder, yours truly is mandated by the oath and sub-conscious to preside over issues of public interest, notably when it comes to the tortoise-paced transformation so openly engineered by unwilling sports administrators within certain sporting disciplines deliberately tailored to affect and discourage indigenous Namibians. I rest my case.
New Era Reporter
2015-03-13 09:58:14 3 years ago

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