• November 19th, 2018
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Over 1 000 attend inspiration summit


WINDHOEK - Over 1 000 people gathered at a local hotel to tap into the wisdom of American leadership guru and preacher, John Maxwell, who taught on success and leadership. The day-long gathering took place on Saturday. Maxwell expounded on how people can discover their purpose in life, explaining, among others, that the way for one to discover their purpose is by building their innate talents and gifts. Having a passion for something is 80 percent accurate in discovering purpose, he noted. “Find your strength and make that your livelihood. Spend the rest of your time (life) developing and growing that strength. There is nothing more exciting in life than to know what you are here for and doing that on a daily basis,” Maxwell said. He also taught extensively on leadership. Among others, Maxwell highlighted that many people fear failure. He added that most successful people have failed more times than unsuccessful people. “Failure is not your enemy. A lot of people don’t like failure. People fail on their way to the top. All successful people never let failure define them,” Maxwell remarked. On leadership, Maxwell highlighted, among others, that a title does not make a person a leader. A parking place or an office does not define a leader either. “A leader gives up their place to be first. Leaders give credit to other people quickly. Insecure leaders don’t want people to win,” 68-year-old Maxwell added. When a leader has the interests of their subordinates they immediately win the trust of the subordinates and as a result productivity is enhanced, Maxwell noted. Group Godisha’s Isabella //Hauses, who played an instrumental role in bringing Maxwell to Namibia, said in an interview with New Era after the event that the people’s attendance confirms that people are excited to learn more about leadership. “He (Maxwell) agreed to come through again. He loves Namibia,” said //Hauses. Fanuel Dangarembizi said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership. It’s not about a position but people. People are the greatest assets that you have in an organisation.” Pehovelo Nghaamwa, when asked to share what she learnt from Maxwell’s teachings, said: “It was not only for leaders but people who want to influence wherever they are.” Maxwell has sold 25 million books and he owns four companies. He has numerous accolades.
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