• November 21st, 2018
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//Kharas showers Swartbooi with gifts and praise


KEETMANSHOOP – Residents of //Kharas Region sang praises to their outgoing governor Bernadus Swartbooi for his outstanding contribution to the region’s development, and also showered him with gifts. People from different sectors including the local authority, churches, traditional, political and education leaders as well as representatives from the business, mining and fishing sectors, among others, joined in applauding Swartbooi for his tireless efforts in boosting the region on all levels. The farewell function was held last Friday at Keetmanshoop at a small venue due to finances and time constraints. Speaking at the event, //Kharas Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Armas Shivute, said in life there are friends you want to easily forget and some you never want to forget – “you are one of those hard to forget.” He commended Swartbooi’s way of communication as his strongest trait, saying: “You are always telling it like it is in a way not to mislead.” Swapo’s //Kharas Region coordinator Matheus Mumbala took to the podium and thanked people for voting well in last year’s national elections, adding they were there to give Swapo 77 seats. “If you had not voted well we would not be here today,” added Mumbala. He urged Swartbooi to continue representing the interests of the party and change outdated laws so that the laws fit with the current generation and the next. He pleaded with him to always make himself available when needed, saying that although he was leaving the region he was still “in the same pool of water”. Speaker after speaker praised the MP-elect for his energetic leadership style, thanking him for improvements made to various towns and other areas in terms of roads and infrastructure since his inception as governor. Some speakers also saluted and thanked his parents and wife. Swartbooi was presented with gifts including a framed Swakara pelt, a Boer goat ram and ewe, camping chairs, a clock and numerous other gifts as people showed him gratitude for having served them well. In his speech Swartbooi thanked people who made the event possible and all people in attendance for making time to be there, adding it was the most challenging job of his life thus far. He thanked people he worked with – councillors, traditional leaders and those from opposition parties – and urged people in offices to take in young volunteers to work with them, as such young people would be be valuable in future. He pleaded with his successor to have love for the work, love for the people and patience: “Love not some but all, not sometimes but all the times, not when you agree but especially when you disagree,” he said.
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