• November 15th, 2018
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Icon donates 20 000 copies of his booklet

WINDHOEK - Struggle icon Herman Andimba Toivo ya Toivo and his family formally handed over 20 000 booklets to the Ministry of Education for distribution to schools. The 30-page booklet titled: “Andimba Herman Toivo ya Toivo. Portrait of a Revolutionary Legend”, was written by the first minister of education, Nahas Angula - who also served as prime minister and is currently on the last stretch of his tenure as Minister of Defence. The booklet will be distributed to all the regions in Namibia as additional school library collection and resource centres. “The booklet will not tell only a part of my life story, but it will give Namibian learners a better idea of how our liberation struggle started,” explained Toivo ya Toivo. He said, “The book can help our young people to realise that ordinary people such as myself and my colleagues, and such as themselves, can achieve great things and can even change the world for better, if they adhere to principles, if they work hard and if they never give up, despite obstacles and setbacks. “We need to ensure that every Namibian child has an equal chance to an education, including university education or post-high school vocational training, regardless of the economic status of their parents. This may seem to be an unachievable goal but I believe that where there is a will there is a way, let us be brave.” The handing over ceremony was held last Thursday at the Ministry of Education’s head quarters where the batch of booklets was received by the Minister of Education, Dr David Namwandi. On his part, Namwandi thanked Toivo ya Toivo for making this important contribution towards education and emphasized that the booklet will enrich learners’ vision and knowledge of Namibian history while reflecting on the intangible values that should guide them. “Education is an important component for socio-economic development, thus it is an inherent right for every child to be well-versed with knowledge and information. This knowledge can be accessed from books,” stated Namwandi. He said books are the major tool in the spreading of our history, culture and information worldwide and also an important resource for the schools. “These young boys and girls need to be fully equipped with knowledge about our Namibian heroes and heroines so that we are sure the future of this beautiful nation is built on soild sound individuals. The quality and accessibility of books play a major role in the development of the culture of reading in schools.” Namwandi said the Ministry of Education is delighted that Toivo ya Toivo has continuously supported the education sector. It is through this gesture that Ministry of Education will be able to achieve Vision 2030, he said.
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