• November 21st, 2018
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Rössing fire on Sunday a fulfilled ‘prophesy’

WALVIS BAY - Prophesy made early last month at a Baptist church in Walvis Bay by a local prophet, who allegedly foresaw heavy storms at Rössing, is currently the talk of the town. This comes after another fire incident occurred at Rössing Uranium Mine on Sunday afternoon. A month ago a fire broke out at the mine’s final product recovery plant where uranium oxide is packed for export. Sources say the latest fire occurred in the fine crusher plant of the mine. A statement issued by Rössing on Monday confirmed the incident and said the mine’s emergency response unit quickly extinguished the inferno. “The fire in the fine crushing circuit of the plant occurred when maintainers were busy with routine replacement work of worn grizzly bars. The bolts holding the grizzly bars were removed by cutting them off with blowtorches. Some of these hot bolts fell on plastic screen panels, which then ignited. “The incident had very little impact on production, with full production restored later the same afternoon. It is expected that the damage will be repaired within a week,” the statement read. However, followers and Prophet Lionel Goamub firmly believe his revelation came true through the latest fire incident. A church member told New Era that Goamub told his followers early last month during a prayer session that Rössing Uranium Mine would face heavy storms and that they need to pray for divine protection of the hundreds of mine workers. Ironically, a day after last month’s fire incident, Goamub himself visited New Era offices at Walvis Bay saying he had visited the mine’s offices in Swakopmund and tried to warn them about the storms they would face. The prophet also wrote a letter for publication on February 13 in which he warned the company and its employees that it was definitely not the last incident that would hit the mine. “2014 way before the first incident, I received a revelation that storms will hit Rössing and that it needs divine protection. As a apostle of Jesus, I was given another revelation already in 2014 that all Rössing employees must turn back to Christ and we must pray for them as storms are coming their way,” Goamub wrote in the letter he submitted to New Era last month. After receiving the revelation, he went to Rössing offices in Swakopmund to warn them, he said. “I sketched the scenario to the security guard at the gate and he told me to go to the human resources office, but I was not allowed to see the manager in charge. I informed the secretary about my revelation. She then took my number and said that they will call me back. They never did call and I continued with my healing and deliverance prayers at church until I was alerted by some employees of the mine that are in my church about the fire on February 12. That’s when the ‘holy spirit’ let me remember that I had indeed tried to warn the mine,” he told New Era. They might refute that I have visited their offices but they can check through their visitation and security cameras, I was there to warn them, Goamub insisted. New Era yesterday contacted, Alwyn Lubbe who at that stage could not establish whether Goamub had indeed visited the mine as claimed. “I will have to come back to you on that,” he said.
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2015-03-18 09:07:15 3 years ago

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