• November 19th, 2018
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IOB students call for removal of CEO


WINDHOEK - Nearly 100 students at the Institute of Bankers (IOB) Namibia staged a peaceful demonstration outside the institution’s head office yesterday demanding the immediate removal of the acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John-Day Mandey. The students accuse Mandey of being a racist, who does not have their interests at heart. Simpson Nangolo, a third-year student at the institution, told New Era that most of his fellow students who completed their advanced diplomas as far back as 2013 have not yet graduated. “Every time we ask about the graduation date from Mandey, he keeps postponing the date for reasons only known to him,” lamented Nangolo. “We want him to be removed so that he can be replaced with someone who is capable,” shouted the students. “Bring back (Gift) Kavari…bring back Kavari,” shouted the students in reference to the former CEO, who left IOB after his five-year contract ran its course. “Just imagine that with over 3 000 students registered at the institute there is no student portal whereby we can check our results wherever we are and that forces us to come to the office to check our results,” he added. Furthermore, students said after several consultations with the office, Mandey has been refusing to meet student to discuss their grievances. Additionally, Nangolo said since the arrival of Mandey last year, the Student Representative Council (SRC) was removed and this has left students vulnerable, as there is no one to talk on their behalf. “We want to graduate so that we can start looking for jobs because we got loans to pay back,” shouted the students. “We want the institute to release our qualifications; we want the removal of this unknown CEO, down Mandey down,” shouted the group. When approached for comment at the premises, Mandey told this reporter off. “Please leave these premises, you are invading our privacy, this is a private property,” barked Mandey, adding that the demonstration only means another day off for him. An employee at the institute, who declined to be named for fear of victimisation, told New Era that since the arrival of Mandey last year there has been no staff meetings whatsoever. “The guy is running the institution as his own farm. He uses abusive language and racial remarks on staff members,” said the employee. He said at times he tells staff to go and report him to the Bank of Namibia Governor Ipumbu Shiimi and he claims IOB belongs to him. Furthermore, Mandey is also accused of siding with one lecturer who allegedly lied about his qualifications to obtain a job at the institute.
New Era Reporter
2015-03-19 09:20:25 3 years ago

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