• November 20th, 2018
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Learner Driver's Tips - Noise from vehicles

This coming Saturday is Independence Day and Namibians will be celebrating as Namibia turns 25 years. It is the trend that we as Namibians like to use our hooters to show our happiness or to play loud music from our vehicles sound systems. This is illegal as the Namibian road traffic and transport laws prohibits the use of hooters for other purposes which are not safety related. In other words, the use of the hooter is only for safety. If you need to warn a pedestrian crossing the road or warn pets such as dogs then you may use your hooter. However, using ones hooter as a means to show ones happiness, especially during the upcoming indolence celebrations, is illegal. The same goes for the use of loud music sound systems that we have installed in our cars. This too is illegal as it’s a safety hazard. Listening to loud music might distract you from what is happening around your vehicle. For example, you will be distracted to notice the sirens of an oncoming Police car, ambulance or fire brigade. Therefore keep that sound system of yours as low as possible while driving.  
New Era Reporter
2015-03-19 10:28:13 3 years ago

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