• November 21st, 2018
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Shebeen owners urged to honour fallen heroes


WINDHOEK - Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Sebastian Ndeitunga has cautioned shebeen owners to close business on Independence Day in honour of the country’s fallen heroes and heroines, who sacrificed their lives to free Namibia. Ndeitunga yesterday also cautioned those in the habit of drinking and driving to refrain from their habit to avoid consequences, as police will be deployed countrywide to curb such lawlessness. However, he stated that it is not mandatory for shebeens to close, as they are operating within the law and have legal documents to allow them to operate, but he urged them to respect the dignity of the country’s independence. Furthermore, he warned that the ongoing crime prevention operations countrywide would be reinforced during the independence jubilee celebration. “Criminals should not think that our focus is only on the celebration but it will be throughout,” he warned. “This year’s independence is unique, as we are commemorating the 25th anniversary of our own hard-won independence and at the same time witnessing yet another democratic and peaceful transition of power,” stated Ndeitunga. Several Heads of State are expected to join the celebration and therefore “as proud Namibians, we should demonstrate our renowned conduct as law-abiding citizens to ensure our visitors enjoy a safe and memorable stay in the country”, he noted. “It is against this backdrop that I request the public to obey traffic rules, yield to VVIP (very very important persons) motorcade escorts, emergency vehicles and obey traffic officers directing the movement of traffic,” he said. Carrying of weapons such as firearms, knives, pangas, machetes, stones or any other item that can inflict harm is prohibited at the celebration venue - the Independence Stadium.
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2015-03-19 09:24:29 3 years ago

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