• November 14th, 2018
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Floritha releases “cocktail” album

Time Out
Time Out

 WINDHOEK- Namibian award-winning Rhythm and Beats songstress, Floritha Fleermuys, also known as Floritha, has released her third album, For You. Although it took her a couple of months to work on the album, Floritha says she can call her album a cocktail album since it caters for variety of music lovers and contains different genres. “I have worked with artists and producers that I had not worked with before including top leading artists The Dogg, Morgan, Dik Bonez and Stitch. The album relates to people, nationally and internationally, especially in the song titled Chi Baby, which feature The Dogg and sang in Nyenja, a Zambian language,” says Floritha. She adds that, the first song on the album, Too busy for me, is related to western music. “On this song, I have catered for my Namibian people, as well as international listeners,” she says. The album is inspirational and portrays love and positive energy; it can help you get through a bad situation that you may be in when listening to it. We all need love, singing about current happenings like gender-based violence in Namibia.  “Even though someone upset you, it does not give you the right to take their lives or to treat them badly, and even though someone out there is homeless or is an orphan, that does not stop anyone from loving them and sheltering them with love, and being there for them as a sister and brothers,” says Floritha about the message in this song. “The song is telling people that we all need love and we need it abundantly,” adds Floritha. She says music has a way of changing someone’s moods from bad to good, and when you listen to her songs, they automatically give you the positive energy that apparent in the song. Floritha adds that she has achieved so much in her music career just in a short time and she has reached high point when it comes to the music industry. As testimony to her quick rise to stardom she has one the Best RnB awards in the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) in 2013 and 2014 running.  “I dedicated this album to each and every person who had contributed to the success of my music career. These people include my parents, my siblings, my management team, my fans, sponsors and my friends; hence I titled the album For You.” Floritha’s  aim is always to inspire and motivate every person that listens to her  music, she confesses.
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