• November 19th, 2018
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Industry Loop with NSK Top 5 Namibian Rappers currently

Jericho in Grown man’s music off the album-Let me be me says: You cannot compare me to these skinny jean rappers. He is right! My top 5 list will separate adults from the kids. My criteria? Work done! You can be the most talented rapper but if you sipping cough syrup in mummy’s house and expect to lend a Grammy than you are delusional! N.I.A N.I.A has two albums to his name. These are “Road to History” and “The book of N.I”. He launched both albums (and I am not talking about facebook announcements). He was awarded Best Hip Hop at NAMAs 2014. His latest album has two songs that are currently doing well. These are: “Old school funk” and “Cold world”. Both songs feature Lil D. MC RAY MC Ray launched his debut album titled “Child of the sun” with a country tour! He has his own record label and keeps doing well on songs that he features. Prime examples would be WilliamMustBeControlled’s “They feeling me now” and D-Jay’s “Uh HUH? OK!” remix. His album has two songs that are currently doing well. These are: “All I need” and “You(GMT)”. Eyezman Eyezman is one of few entertainers helping the media with press releases. His music is available on Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, XBOX, Wimp, Music Unlimited, EMusic & You Tube and Itunes. Signed to Blaqhouse Collections Entertainment, his album titled “The passport” has two songs that are currently doing well. These are: “Stand down” and “Get ready for me”. Hansolo A prodigy of WilliamMustBeControlled, Hansolo became the first Namibian Hip Hop musician to have his music available via an Anti-Pirate USB format album. His fan page is incredibly exemplary coupled with a spotless image. His songs “You already know” which features Paradox and  “Pay day”, are currently doing very well. He also opened for AKA in Windhoek at a recent music festival. Dice King pin of Dark Dogs Entertainment blew away Namibia with his 2012 album titled “#1 stunner”. Songs such as “Oka Shu Shu” and “Most beautiful woman” were national anthems. Dice is probably the most celebrated Hip Hop musician after Jericho with countrywide performances. Dice is also known to be one the highest paid rappers in the country. Recently he roped in Jericho to release “On a mission”. The video currently has +12 000 views on you tube.  Song of the week: Sally ft Fistone: Sweet Love Flop of the week:  Nakale ft Adora: Nama /Goas NSK is an award-winning entertainer. Notable accolades are: a) UNAM RADIO 2011: Best New Comer Presenter of the year, b) UNAM RADIO 2011: Best Presenter of the year, c) NAMA's 2014: Nominee for Entertainment DJ of the year and d) ENERGY100FM 2014: Best Presenter of the year. @naobebsekind(twitter)  NSK #GMTM (facebook)
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