• November 18th, 2018
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Mr Makoya launches film and music production

Time Out
Time Out

WINDHOEK-The Namibian Kwaito singer, Strauss Lunyangwe aka Mr Makoya, has launched his film and music production company, named TS Films. “TS Films is a team of very intellectual and creative young people hungry for challenges and hard work,” says Mr Makoya. The production under the slogan “Driven by passion. Fuelled by successful results” main vision is to bridge the gap between the “over-the-top” expensive music videos and the brilliant visions for music videos that are never recorded due to financial constraints.  “We will also broaden or capabilities to create Namibian-made documentaries and corporate advertisements. We are in the market for corporate events, and any type of audio visual needs in the Namibian market,” says Mr Makoya. He adds that, TS Films has a fully equipped creative concept team, make-up artists, graphic designers, line producers and camera crew with a social responsibility mission. This is to create jobs  among Namibian youths by  in-house training. Their first production which remains a surprise will be viewed soon on social networks. “Currently in production, the team is hard at work with a homeless documentary set to air end of this month, and another music video in pre-production. The team has more than ten years experience in the filming industry,” says Mr Makoya.
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2015-03-20 11:15:11 3 years ago

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