• November 20th, 2018
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Transformation why so difficult to implement, adapt and sustain?

IT seems that we as sports lovers are just unable to agree on this very important aspect of society simply referred to as Transformation. Nevertheless, my personal interpretation of transformation means “CHANGE”. Period! Not only in sports but virtually every aspect of society needs transformation whether it be personal, governmental, political, religious, societal or financial to name a few. Each and everyone of the abovementioned spheres has its own prejudices and challenges again as can be attested by Article 21 of the Namibian constitution to the effect that every confirmed citizen of this land of the brave has freedom of speech guaranteed! Freedom of association Each citizen holed up in our beloved country may choose or not, to belong to any club, party, choir let alone a tree climbing group. The same applies to national sports teams. (Un) fortunately, I presume there should be certain rules that govern such bodies and this is where it brings yours truly to the challenge of national teams, notably rugby. A case in point is the current Vodacom squad and the Rugby World Cup squad still to be selected. Vodacom Squad The men in blue suits holed up in the comfort of Lichtenstein-Strasse were applauded and justifiably right for securing the Vodacom series and home matches to boot. However, now that we are losing and our weaknesses being badly exposed - we start with the traditional finger pointing. Have we lost sight of the objectives so early in the competition? Do we want to transform the team to suit which masters again in such a short time and who will benefit? Examples of clubs and mighty rugby unions going through building phases are there for all to see. We have very short memories when it suits us because about three years ago, the same Pumas that hammered the Wellies last Friday, found themselves on the receiving end of the same type of hidings! In reality, it was only between 25 – 30 Vodacom matches away and our players are not physically on par with the rest of the Vodacom teams. As set out in the objectives at the beginning of our campaign, stick with the local lads and do away with the meaningless practice of calling players that are not reachable! Another worrisome aspect is selecting and judging players in the local printed media – this can be very dangerous and detrimental to RWC unity, that’s the naked truth. Perhaps we can sneak in a win against the Griffons or Limpopo Bulls. Lest we forget, this competition is there to reward club players and to identify potential players destined for higher honours. Can the sponsors commit to another three years to ensure continuity until the next RWC – plain and simple? IRB Word Cup Squad Our learned colleagues in blue suits will be well advised to start engaging consultation with emphasis on consultation regarding this very thorny issue. Where there is smoke there is always fire – unconfirmed whispers in the corridors of Lichtenstein-Strasse have it that only five black players will make the cut to this year’s World Cup. Should there be any substance in these rumours then I’m afraid our rugby will be a delicacy for stray dogs, so to speak. What nonsense – these types of messages so loosely spread by whoever amounts to a serious act of irresponsibility bordering on treason. Who are these faceless blokes wielding such power? It will be advisable to know what they have in mind. It will be advisable to inform the public and government about the composition and demographics of the squad. It will also be advisable to let the players know early how it will pan out. The last RWC squad was based on “call a friend” especially if you played for Villagers from the Cape in the front row. So remember when the Americans appoint their judges, they tacitly make use of the term “senatorial consent” meaning you select mine and I will support yours. Give and take and ultimately CONSENT. The RWC team will represent our country Namibia and a place in the touring entourage should not be regarded as a CV enhancer for those with foreign dollar ambitions in the sport. With five months and a bit still to go, Namibia should not be held in suspense about the composition of the squad. Incumbent head coach is shining in his absence – or is something amiss here? Maybe the author is just a pessimist, but sees very little tangible planning from the Union. A lot of fanfare and a bit of “OMAKE – OMAKE” makes it all good while it lasts, but we want to see NAMES being bandied about who might don the Welwitchias jersey in the global showpiece. Hope and trust their citizenship and passports will be sorted out by then. In conclusion, have a great 25th anniversary celebration of democracy and let us make this year 2015 the year of our RWC Team.
New Era Reporter
2015-03-20 09:40:32 3 years ago

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