• November 18th, 2018
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PTA Tennis Series continues in style

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Sport, Sports

WINDHOEK - Namibia’s PTA Tennis Series continued in style on the tennis courts of the Windhoek High School (WHS) in the capital last weekend. Sixteen players went head-to-head on the three available playing categories. The PTA Tennis Series is the only series of tennis tournaments in Namibia where the participants play according to their skill level and not their age. In the beginner’s category, Mike Kambonde continued where he left off during the first event of the season nearly a month ago when he stormed to his second win in a row. The talented youngster, who secured third overall place in this division last year, edged past Faith Kahuure (2nd) and Megano Sheeya (3rd) to take home the much-celebrated win. For Sheeya, it was the second podium finish after her second place at the season opening tournament in February. Meanwhile, Eila Kambonde and Jamilla Hungamo sustained their rivalry in the mini division. In February, it was Kambonde who took top honours. However, this time around, it was Hungamo who kept an upper hand to be crowned the winner. Kambonde still held on to second place, with Arnaud Marais in third. In other action, Brandon Maasdorp was in outstanding form in the intermediate category. He cruised to first place, leaving Lorenzo Kotze and Taimi Nashiku in second and third, respectively. At this tournament, all participants collected points for the PTA Tennis Ranking once again.
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2015-03-23 09:29:11 3 years ago

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