• November 20th, 2018
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Learner Driver’s Tips: Overall width and height of vehicles

THERE are specific reasons why our Namibian Road Traffic Laws limit the height of motor vehicles and their width. Our roads by design have a specific width, which is around 6m to 7m. Same with the designs of bridges or power lines over the roads, where the issue of height becomes relevant. It is against this background that the following should be obeyed. A driver may not operate a bus if the overall width of the bus exceeds 2.6 m or a goods vehicle, the gross vehicle mass of which is not less than 12 000 kg, if the overall width thereof exceeds 2.6m.
  • A driver may not operate any other vehicle, if the overall width thereof exceeds 2.5m
  • As for the height restrictions, a driver may not operate a motor vehicle together with any load thereon, if the overall height (double-decker bus) exceeds 4.65m
or in the case of any other motor vehicle exceeds 4.3m.

New Era Reporter
2015-03-26 10:19:38 3 years ago

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