• November 15th, 2018
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Shot in the arm for needy charities

WINDHOEK - The City of Windhoek (CoW) values the financial assistance being rendered by its social partners in the upliftment of those in need, the mayor has said. Windhoek City Mayor Muesee Kazapua said the city cannot adequately deliver on its social responsibility thus it greatly values contributions made by the corporate, public and civil societies. He made these remarks yesterday when he handed over food, bedding items and uniforms to various kindergartens in Windhoek. Zanele Mbeki Primary and Day-Care Centre, the Katutura Central Kindergarten and Mamakhai Hangara were the beneficiaries of donations worth N$76 800 handed over by the mayor. Zanele Mbeki Primary and Day-Care Centre received a photocopier worth N$34 000 while the Katutura Central Kindergarten received playground equipment, blankets, pillows and mattresses all valued at N$15 500. Mamakhai Hangara received paint, bedding and chairs worth N$13 300 and a child-headed household received beds, mattresses, school uniforms and foodstuffs worth N$14 000. “Today’s donations are results of a contractual obligation with Syntell Proprietary, a company that won the City tender on prepayment electricity vending,” explained the mayor. “The City of Windhoek is well aware of the role it has played in the upliftment of the livelihoods of our communities. It is in this spirit that council adopted a corporate social responsibility policy to guide us when rendering assistance and support to needy causes within our communities,” said Kazapua.“We are mindful the goods that we are donating today, will not address all the needs of the beneficiaries but I am convinced it will improve the living conditions of the vulnerable children under their care. We are also aware there are many other needy groups that require our support,” further stated Kazapua. Kazapua appealed to all good citizens, in the public and corporate sectors to join the noble initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of life of all people. “We applaud our government for establishing the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare as a deliberate national action to address the scourge of poverty among our people,’’ he said. Karen Hishidimbwa, a community activist, came across children living in a house by themselves. The children, aged between seven and 18 years, are school-going and need community support. Zanele Mbeki Primary and Day-Care Centre is the brainchild of Veronica Avula, a formerly disadvantaged mother and a widow, whose motivation stems from her continuous service to deprived children with no means of livelihood. The centre offers pre-school services to orphans and disadvantaged children from Katutura, Havana, Khomasdal and Wanaheda. The day-care centre caters for 335 children. The Katutura Central Kindergarten is a community kindergarten for disadvantaged children and orphans. It provides pre-school and day-care and it caters for over 45 vulnerable children. Mamakhai Hangara is a children’s home that works towards the wellbeing of orphaned and vulnerable children by providing shelter and food.
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