• November 18th, 2018
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Nedbank upgrades core banking system

WINDHOEK - Nedbank Namibia says it has embarked on an extensive upgrade of its core banking platform, aimed at introducing greater agility as far as its inherent banking practices are concerned. According to Nedbank Namibia spokesperson, Gernot de Klerk, the migration to Flexcube by Oracle was implemented with a solid measure of success two weeks ago, which was underscored by the bank’s ability to be of service to clients immediately upon concluding the switchover. “Our branches countrywide are fully operational in terms of taking deposits, clearing and settling payment files with other parties, dealing decisively with client queries in-branch and expending with our core business in the usual proficient manner,” said De Klerk. He added that the bank has since been notified of instances of inconsistencies as far as client expectations are concerned with regard to its electronic banking offering in particular. “We have experienced some initial client frustration resultant from the number of concurrent users on our internet banking platform and the matter has been addressed conclusively by the middle of last week,” noted De Klerk. He continued that from client feedback received to date, it is evident that the log-on processes were deemed to be cumbersome and time-consuming. By and large, he ascribed this to new and improved security features, which also require clients to change their old passwords after logging on for the first time. “In instances where clients still have difficulty mastering the website interfaces, our branch and Call Centre staff remain at their disposal to guide them through the process. Following telephonic advisory support, and once past the first-time log in process, the general feedback is that the internet banking process is intuitive,” he remarked. Additionally, some client feedback related to the SMS one-time password (OTP) being slow in reaching the client. “We wish to advise that this is a critical component in terms of the enhanced security features and we are investigating the slow response time with the expectation that a resolution is imminent. In instances where a first-time OTP is not functional upon the first time of asking, the bank advises that such clients request a second OTP,” advised De Klerk. Nedbank Namibia is also in the process of installing internet banking kiosks at all branches countrywide, while additional teams and resources have been dedicated to enhance advisory services capacity to resolve client queries.
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