• November 21st, 2018
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The gift of Easter

WINDHOEK-Easter weekend is starting tomorrow and for some, Easter is about sharing Easter Bunnies, colourfully decorated Easter eggs, and time away from work, partying and all that while others believe that Easter has something to do with the resurrection of Jesus.   Frankin Newman, a born again Christian says that Easter needs to be celebrated with reference to Matthew chapter 20 versus 17-19.“As a Christian I celebrate Easter as a reminder of the gift of life that Jesus gave me, for dying and rising on the third day, this is the epitome of our faith; it’s about Jesus, not bunnies or eggs,’’ says Newman. He  emphasises that some might not share his faith and for that he is unable to really answer but for anybody who regard herself/himself as a Christian, then it’s her/his  responsibility  to show the world what the Lord did for them during this week, showing forth  together.“Easter brings joy to the Christian community, understanding the sacrifice and the gift of God through Jesus Christ, John 3:16. This brings hope to the world of a saviour that took our pace of judgement,’’ explains Newman.   “For Parents, teach your kids about the true meaning of Easter, reflect back on the day, be in worship service, break bread with the brethren and with family, organise a parade showcasing the crucification of Christ, so that people may know the cost it took. Perhaps have a movie session that reflects on the history of the day,’’ he adds. Longina Sita, a Pastor of the Church on the Rock Namibia,  says Easter must be celebrated according to Isaiah 53, because “it is our Independence, just like any country they celebrate independence because someone fought for it, so our Independence came through Christ who fought for us according to Isaiah 53 versus five.” Christ died and he rose again and he is sitting at the right hand of the father, the Lord Jesus, that simplify the victory over our lives and he is our victor, says Sita. “The week of Easter is a week of commemoration, remembering what was done on the cross for our sake, and also valuing the death of  Jesus Christ it was not a ordinary death, he died and rose again there was no one who died and rose again,’’ she adds. People should celebrate Easter through going to church and meeting as a family and praying and they should recognise His death, which is very important, that brought everything because if it was not because of the cross we couldn’t have make it without Christ, people should just meet, celebrate and praise and worship and give thanks to God.      
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