• November 15th, 2018
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Training needed for misfiring law enforcers

Have you ever - even for a second - thought of why law enforcers go beyond their limits of shooting to kill, yet these people are expected to be highly professional to handle a firearm and use them within the boundaries of the law? One aspect I would like to emphasise is that if an officer kills someone while on duty, even unintentionally as they often claim, they will try to justify it by saying it was accidental. Ok! Point taken, but just for argument’s sake they will always complement that excuse by saying, “I was aiming for the leg, but unfortunately I accidentally fired in the head.” For god’s sake, how can someone mistake the head for a leg? Even a person with blurred sight would most probably not mistake those two crucial organs. Anyway, that’s where the element of training comes in as you may have noticed that these officers only receive training on how to use firearms while in training but once they are done, they are on their own – each officer on his own, God for all of them. Now think of how many years one will carry that firearm without firing it (if it is not in the air) where he is required to properly aim. For instance, do you expect someone who has been carrying a firearm for like 10 years without using it to still have those highly sophisticated aiming and shooting skills he got during training? The answer is “NO” – only one out of 10 will. So the rest will just fire for the sake of firing because they can see the target, period! Therefore these are things that should be considered when issuing firearms to people, thus those assigned to firearms must receive regular training to see if they still have what it takes to properly execute their duties. On the other hand, you still find security guards that are given firearms – some of these people just come straight from home with no clue on how to use a gun. But they are issued one and expected to properly use it (which is a very big mistake) so to those individuals that own firearms, who says a clean certificate of conduct means you are a good shooter? All these issues are things that we ignore and turn a blind eye to yet complaints are flooding in about people wrongly using firearms.
New Era Reporter
2015-04-02 09:05:49 3 years ago

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