• November 20th, 2018
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Golden Club boxing tourney a big hit

WINDHOEK - Golden Boxing Club staged its first tourney for the 2015 season recently at the After School Centre (Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare) in Grysblok, Katutura. The tourney was held under the auspices of the Khomas Boxing Federation (KBF), which provided referees and judges and attracted all KBF executive members. The competition proved a huge success with 21 bouts at stake in both the junior/cadet and senior/elite age classifications. Clubs such as the After School Boxing club (ASC MGECW), Golden Boxing Club (GBC), MTC Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Boxing and Fitness Academy (MTC NSTBFA), Jacob ‘Mistake’ Gariseb Boxing and Fitness University (JMGBFU) and Warriors Promotion Boxing Academy (WP) took part in the boxing bonanza with Unam the only notable absentees as a result of study commitments. Weigh-in took place at the After School Center as from 09h00 with the bouts commencing at 14h00. The tourney lasted till 19h00. “We would like to thank Martha Simon, Sebby Sheuyange, Maria Ankonga, Ester Kamati, Petrus Kashango, Hileni Moshako, Desmond Kasuto and Immanuel ‘Dr Weise’ Frans who took time off to officiate as referees and judges at our tournament,” reads a statement from Golden Boxing Club. The club also applauded the After Schoool Center for availing their hall as venue for the event at no cost and called upon the business people and companies to come on board and assist the club with its future endevaours. “Our aim is to keep our youth away from the social evils that torment our communities in Khomas and Namibia at large.” The full results were as follows; Junior/Cadet 1 Martin Ilwenya (JMGBFU) beat Tobias Embula (ASC MGECW) 2 Andreas Ngilongwa (JMGBFU) beat Alfeus Modimo (ASC MGECW) 3 Gideon Fillemon (ASC MGECW) beat Julian Goagoseb (JMGBFU) 4 Emmanuel Chiloya (ASC MGECW) beat Prince Naule (GBC) 5 Immanuel Ngilongwa (JMGBFU) beat Dorian Shilunga (ASC MGECW) 6 Festus Petrus (ASC MGECW) beat NghiwilepoTuhafeni (GBC) 7 Bradley Muniazo (MTC NSTBFA) beat Pendje Shongolo (ASC MGECW) 8 Leonard Vaino (ASC MGECW) beat Andima Phillipus (JMGBFU) 9 Selvanus Petrus (JMGBFU) beat Licius Kafita (ASC MGECW) 10 Sylvester Jnr (ASC MGECW) beat Frame Nangolo (MTC NSTBFA) Senior/Elite 11 Silas Amukoto MTC NSTBFA beat Simon Dhimbulukweni (JMGBFU) 12 Thomas Iita (WP) beat Lukas Sam (GBC) 13 Jamba Gabriel (WP) beat Mwenyo Andreas (MTC NSTBFA) 14 Nghitumbwa Phillipus (GBC) beat Thomas Titus (WP) 15 Nekongo Gwiimbondi (JMGBFU) beat Desdelius Ambunda (MTC NSTBFA) 16 Josef Dawid (MTC NSTBFA) beat Johannes Amakali (WP) 17 Elifas Kambuku (WP) beat Herman Kamati MTC NSTBFA 18 Lukas Shafandjondi (WP) beat Moses Gabriel (MTC NSTBFA) 19 Werner Tobias (WP) beat Albert Petrus (MTC NSTBFA) 20 Charles Shinima (GBC) beat Sakeus Johannes (WP) 21 Benhard Benhard (MTC NSTBFA) beat Aron Shavuka (JMGBFU)
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2015-04-07 11:55:25 3 years ago

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