• November 20th, 2018
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Master Agronomist Day this Thursday

The Master Agronomist Day will be held on April 9 at the Master Agronomist, Rusty Kleinhan's Project Farm Sikondo outside Rundu. The theme is “Weed control through conservancy agronomy”. The day starts with the APA member meeting at 08:30 and there after the Master Agronomist Day will be held. Speakers are inter alia Dr Andre Nel of the Agricultural Research Board, SA and he will talk about the development and research of conservany agronomy. Another speaker is Derek Matthews a farmer from Sannieshof in South Africa. He switched from conventional agronomy to conservancy agronomy as he wanted to keep the moisture in the soil and to control weeds. In order to motivate members to attend the day and save costs, the APA decided to (2 vehicles with more than 2 people) per region (GTO, Hochfeld/Summerdown and Mariental) subsidise the km to Rundu at the NAU tariff. More information will be given at a later stage and you can contact Rina Hough at the NAU office, Tel 061 237838, joc@agrinamibia.com.na.
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2015-04-07 12:41:01 3 years ago

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