• November 17th, 2018
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Accountant to head Ukwangali


RUNDU - Eugene Siwombe Kudumo will be enthroned as chief of the Ukwangali tribe on April 22 to succeed the late Hompa Sitentu Daniel Mpasi. The Ukwangali Traditional Authority (UTA) confirmed the enthronement of Kudumo as the chief-designate and the date of his installation as chief. Hompa Mpasi died from chronic illnesses at Nkurenkuru Health Centre in Kavango West on December 17, 2014. He was 80. Before he died he had already nominated one of his grandsons Eugene Siwombe Kudumo who he presented to the public on several occasions as the one who would take over as chief. At the time he also encouraged the senior members of the traditional authority to work with Kudumo as he would need their assistance when he becomes chief. According to UTA sources, throughout the years it has been a tradition for the reigning Hompa to nominate someone from the royal family who he or she trusts to rule after passing on. In the late Hompa’s case, he was nominated by the then Hompa of the VaKwangali tribe Joseph Kandjimi Murangi to take over and lead the tribe before his death in 1978, when Hompa Mpasi became the chief and so he (Mpasi) followed the tradition of namimg a successor. Speaking exclusively to this newspaper, Kudumo said he was indeed ready to be the next chief of the Ukwangali, adding: “It is a challenge but I am ready to take over the chieftaincy as I grew up in the royal family and I am familiar with our traditions.” “My grandparents as well as the senior headman and traditional councillors will assist me,” he added. Kudumo has been endorsed by the royal family as well as the entire Ukwangali Traditional Authority to be the next chief and unless something utold happens Kudumo will be sworn in as chief. When Mpasi died last year he was leader of his tribe for 35 uninterrupted years. Kudumo is a trained accountant who is currently employed in the finance department at the education ministry’s regional headquarters in Rundu.
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2015-04-08 09:42:55 3 years ago

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