• October 17th, 2018
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LEARNER DRIVER’S TIPS: Age limits for obtaining a licence  

The Namibian Road Traffic and Transport Laws requires a learner driver to be 17 years of age before such a person can get a learners licence. This means that since you have a learners licence, you should have mastered the rules of the road and the more than 400 road signs. Therefore you can conveniently move behind the steering wheel of a motor car and learn how to drive a small car. But since you are learning, you should always be accompanied by a person with a valid driving licence. As for those wishing to obtain their motorcycle licence, the age of 16 will put them on the road with their motorcycles, while those dreaming to one day have a licence to drive a truck, the age limit is 18 years. And remember, before you can rush to NaTIS to apply for your learners licence, you must have turned 16 for the motorcycle licence or 17 for the sedan licence. Turning 17 this year does not qualify you to apply while 16 for the sedan licence.  
2015-04-09 11:40:09 3 years ago
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