• November 13th, 2018
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Puppie Ya Penda releases first album

Time Out
Time Out

WINDHOEK-Namibian Afro-Pop and Kwaito singer, Pendapala Paulus, popularly known as “Puppie ya Penda”, has finally released his first three-songs album titled Twakalako, a foretaste of his upcoming full album.  Twakalako, meaning long time coming, was released under his own label, Cool Family Production. The album is produced by Nangolo Dan, one of the best producers at the Cool Family Production. The three songs are currently making waves on all radio stations in the country and on social networks. Puppie ya Penda says the title song, Twakalako, is just to give a taste of his music to music lovers and his fans while waiting for the 15-track full album at the end of the year. Puppie ya Penda sings about how the Namibian music industry is stepping up. In the song Twakalako he says he is not afraid of involving himself in the industry no matter what thick and thin he goes through to get what he wants. The second song,Twaloloka, means we are tired. In the song, he talks and chants about what he have seen and observed in the music industry. He says upcoming artists are being ignored and underestimated by both business people and fellow established artists who don't see upcoming artists’ struggles. The third song, Time wasted, is a life-experience song in which he sings about everything he went through when he was very young. The song relates how he was shot while on his way to a performance in 2013. “In my music, I mostly sing about life and things happening around me,” he says.
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2015-04-10 11:37:00 3 years ago

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