• November 14th, 2018
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Queen of Hearts telenovela premieres

Time Out
Time Out

WINDHOEK-Telemundo Africa premieres its second new telenovela in 2015 titled Queen of Hearts, on GOTv and DSTv, Telemundo Channel, starting on April 19. The new thrilling telenovela is a story of a couple, Reina Ortitz and  Nicolás Núñez, who intensely fall in love and they have to overcome the barrier of memory, where glamorous nightlife and casinos play a prominent role in a plot characterised by mysterious twists and turns, spying, conspiracy, intrigue, crime and romance. Reina and Nicolás first meet at a wedding, and it is love at first sight but neither wants to admit it for fear of losing the other.  What they don't know is that a pair of criminals are waiting in the shadows to turn their lives upside down. They then fall in love and started dating. After a couple of month dating, they decide to get married. The night of the wedding a tragedy happens when the groom never shows up for the wedding, and a devastated Reina faints at the doorstep of the chapel.  Reina suffers a terrible accident, and when she awakens nothing is the same.  She has lost eight years of her life, eight years for which her mind is a blank.  She has a husband and daughter she doesn't recognise and a life of power and luxury she can't begin to understand.  She can't figure out how she went from being a poor seamstress to a millionaire wife, mother and owner of an exclusive bridal boutique.  She doesn't remember Nicolás, the love of her life; Víctor, her husband; or even Clara, her daughter. Her conscious mind seems to have frozen hours before meeting Nicolás eight years before.  Now Reina will have to reconstruct her past, slowly piecing together the puzzle in an atmosphere of secrets, traps and dishonesty. In the telenovela, there is another character, Víctor De Rosas, a wealthy businessman with a double life.  In public, he is the successful owner of Camille, a sexy brand.  In secret, however, he is one of the world's leading gold and diamond traffickers.  Víctor will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and he becomes obsessed with Reina the minute he met her. Estefanía Pérez Hidalgo is an erotic film star. Widowed on the night of her wedding to a business magnate, she inherits one of the biggest fortunes in Vegas.  Her secret identity is as the Queen of Diamonds, an infamous diamond trafficker. However, Reina is a humble seamstress, an orphan who lives with a stepmother and stepsister who makes her life miserable while Nicolás is a handsome young man who works as a valet parking attendant.  He takes life as it comes. Playing poker is his biggest challenge. Be the first to watch the telenovela and be able to answers questions such as will love be stronger than lies, betrayal, revenge and oblivion?  Can love triumph in a world that centres on gambling, fake weddings and gem trafficking? What happens when someone loses eight years of their life… forever? The telenovela will screen weekdays on DSTv channel 118 and GOTvon channel 14, at ten minutes past five (17h10) in the evening.
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