• November 18th, 2018
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Climate change project implemented

WINDHOEK - Agri-Ecological Services in cooperation with Agra ProVision is busy to implement a climate change and adaptation  project which falls under the European Union (EU). The aim of the project is to develop and test a rangeland early warning and monitoring system for livestock farmers in Namibia. It will attempt to enhance the ability of livestock farmers, support agencies and policy makers to make decisions based on timely and accurate information regarding the state and productivity of their rangelands to reduce vulnerability to droughts. Farmers who have rainfall data from July 2014 to end March 2015 are requested to make this information available to the project and sent it as soon as possible to Dr Cornelis van der Waal to corwaal@gmail.com. For further details, please contact Dr de Waal at Tel 081 6045878. Agra ProVision  course postponed Agra ProVision informs  that the training course: “Managing rangeland utilisation in years with below average rainfall” has been put on hold in the following towns: Otjiwarongo, 20 – 23 April; Grootfontein, 05 – 08 May and Gobabis, 18 – 22 May. Agra ProVision  sincerely apologises for any inconvenience that the postponement may be causing. For information about Agra ProVision training courses, contact Twaku Kayofa @ 061 290 9364 or twakuk@agra.com.na or SMS “Enquiries”, your name and the query to 40404.  FA and other news  Osire-Waterberg FA is holding a meeting today at 14:00 at the FA hall. Gero Bajorat of DIS Engineering will talk about the import of power into the national network and a speaker will talk about farm safety. For further details contact Anka Visher, Tel 067 306208, hpvisher@iway.na. Omuramba FA is holding a general meeting today at 14:00 at Farm Kroonster, Gobabis district. For further details contact Lize Engelbrecht, Tel 062 563706, omuramba.bv@gmail.com.  The Van Rooy Breeders Association of Namibia is offering a Junior and Senior course at the Agra Auction Pens, Otjiwarongo today and tomorrow. For further details contact Francois Janse van Rensburg, Tel 081 1293553 or Carina Vermeulen, Tel 061 252994. Nina FA are hosting a farmer’s day  tomorrow  at 08:30 at Farm Springbockvley of Judith Isele. The theme is “Profitable farming based on sustainable rangeland management practices”. Speakers are  Judith Isele and Jaco Hanekom from the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU). Registration deadline was   12 April with Irene Human, Tel 081 2459054, gumgamshunting@iway.na. Ariamsvlei FA is hosting a Labourers Day tomorrow at 09:00 on Farm Swartkop of Andre & Eureka de Jager. For further details contact Riaan Fourie, Tel 081 6884217. The Gobabis Shooting Day will be held  this Saturday, April 18 at 07:15 at the Military Shooting Range, Gobabis. Bow shooting, 100m grouping shooting, catapult and .22 shooting will be offered. Exhibitors are welcome and refreshments are offered. For further details contact Rudi, Tel 081 2753939. Witvlei FA is holding its annual meeting on April 22 at 14:00 at the farmer house at Witvlei. Guest speaker  Kallie von Kühne who will talk about matters of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU). For further details contact Monica Bouwer, at Tel 062 570317, gmbouwer@iway.na. The Meatmaster Association of Namibia is offering a Junior and Senior Meatmaster course at Gellap Ost near Keetmanshoop on April 29 and 30. The course is offered by the well-known Meatmaster breeders Clynton Collett, Mario du Preez, Jean du Plessis, Dennis and Jo Steenkamp, Johnny Morrison and P W van Heerden. For further information, contact Malinda Steyn, Tel 063 269002, 081 3332873, saamstaan@hotmailo.com. The logistic arrangements will be announced at a later stage. The Meatmaster Association of Namibia is hosting their Annual General Meeting on April 29 at 17:00 at Gellap Ost. For further details contact Malinda Steyn, Tel 063 269002, 081 3332873, saamstaan@hotmail.com
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