• November 21st, 2018
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Kindergarten receives chairs, crayons and toys

Education, National
Education, National

ARIAMSVLEI - The Kabouterland kindergarten last Friday received a donation of chairs, tables, crayons, pencils and toys worth N$10 000. The donation was made possible by Desert Fruit Namibia, a company that produces premium dates and Amaryllis bulbs in the Ariamsvlei area. The company was approached for assistance through the Swapo Party in Karasburg east district. Speaking at the handover ceremony held at the kindergarten premises in Vergenoeg location, Wayne Smith, one of the shareholders in the company, said he stood before them not because he wanted to but because he loves the community and the children. He said people should be able to come together and make a difference irrespective of their skin colour – “black, pink or white we are together,” he said. Smith also encouraged children to attend school and listen to their teachers as this is the only way they would learn how to make an income at the end of the day. “If you don’t study you can’t be clever, if you are not clever you can’t make money and you can’t live a good life,” he noted, adding that the donation was the beginning of other food things to come. At the handover the Swapo //Kharas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala thanked the donor and emphasized that the gesture should not be for the sake of one day getting a favour in return but a way of giving back to the communities. He said his party couldn’t promise to give something to the company in return but assured that the party would mobilise people to keep Swapo in power forever to ensure peace and stability continue in the country for companies to operate freely “No one will touch you on your farm,” he said. Mumbala also urged the kindergarten teachers to approach different ministries to seek assistance and develop the kindergarten further especially regarding the metal structure being used as a classroom, as it gets too cold in winter for the children to enjoy their lessons. He urged the people of Ariamsvlei to fight for a secondary school as the town’s population was growing rapidly and education facilities should thus be brought nearer to the people. The kindergarten was established in 1990 and has been operating on and off through the years.
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