• November 17th, 2018
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NBS to identify, groom Math wizards

WINDHOEK - The Managing Director of Namibia Biometric Systems (NBS), Dr Risco Mutelo, is committed to plough back into the community by identifying young Namibians with an aptitude for Applied Mathematics to venture into biometric studies. Biometrics is a science and technology that analyses human body characteristics for authentication purposes, for example, fingerprints and voice patterns. In a recent interview, Mutelo stated that he is willing to offer scholarships to the identified individuals and enrol them into appropriate universities where they would study biometrics and similar courses related to the field such as forensics and digital fingerprints, to mention a few. “It is my time to plough back to my country; a search will be done to pinpoint the talented individuals who we can nurture so we uplift our country to keep up with the growing technologies. We will put these individuals in boarding school where they can be taught under scrutiny; when they are on holidays they will be working with us so that they can gain practical skills,” stated Mutelo. Mutelo further said it hurts that the government is still spending money on foreign services such as security whereas potential smart Namibians that can be bred are available. “We cannot afford to be enriching outsiders while we can produce our own things, my fellow people are strong, determined and have the capability to learn. Even those selling on corners of the road have the capacity to learn but what they need is guidance and an environment to learn. Eventually they will have big businesses because they are enhancing what is already in them, ” said Mutelo. He said it will be selfish of him to deprive other people from advancing, adding that the legacy should continue so that the country can also be recognized in the biometric industry and work on an international level. “So far I am glad we have a number of forensic personnel in the country, which is a good sign,” he stated. NBS is a biometric company that deals with security issues such as face detection, fingerprints and security based on a person’s characteristic features. Its operation in the country began last year when it was officially registered. Mutelo lives in the UK due to the nature of his career, which is not offered in the country. He received a BEng Honours degree in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering from Newcastle University, UK, in 2004 and a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the same university in 2008. Currently, he works for the Bank of America stationed in London.
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