• November 14th, 2018
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Teens appreciate show as inspiring

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

WINDHOEK- I am the Key show is inspiring and at the same time provides an opportunity for teens to become good actors and presenters. Ndapewa Nombanza, a Grade 9 learner at the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS) and one of the presenter on the show says adding that the show has taught her a lot. “It gives us the base of where to start; now I can do bigger things. I will always remember this show because that’s where I started, ”she says. I am the Key Show which falls under I Am the Key Children Media is a Namibian Produced children show hosted by children, targeting children under 13 years. Shaan Semba, who has been on the show since its existence says: “I experienced new things on the show and it helped me with my self-esteem. It’s fun and exciting.” Founder and Executive Producer of I Am the Key Children Media, Dalah Hapulile, believes a strong believe is needed for a child. “I believe we are the future and we are the inspiration that kids need. These kids managed to transform the show and bring it back to life. Kids are explored to a lot of bad content and we want to influence good content for the children with I Am the Key Show,” she says. Hapulile adds that the show hopes to inspire other children.  “When you see other kids on TV, they inspire to want to become them and we will there is a need for role models. If we are a nation that believes the nation belongs to children then we need to invest in kids projects,” she says. Hapulile further describes the show as “colourful and with its own concept”, making it easy for other kids to relate and understand. Namibia Film Commission (NFC) Board Chairperson, Obed Emvula, says it was easy to support this project because of what it does for the children. “We cannot progress without looking out for children. We want to expand our support because we see faces of Namibia with bright futures. With a new Namibia, this is something we take along and we cannot leave the children behind. We hope these kids grow on a national and international level,” he says adding that the DVD will also be available for sale at the new NFC shop at the Hosea Kutako International airport. Celebrating two years of broadcasting success, I Am the Key Children Media, an initiative of the Dalarize Development Projects, has resulted in the development and launch of an educational DVD to involve children in child participatory approaches that will involve children in the socio-economic development of the country. The 26- minute weekly children show is developed  to use television as an educational tool needed to capture the focus, sustain the child's attention and instil knowledge that a child will need to develop into healthy and responsible teenager.  The show focuses on issues affecting children in their daily lives with special focus on children rights and responsibilities, health and hygiene, culture promotion, financial literacy, personal and road safety and environmental awareness. The DVD contains five episodes of the shows and is available for N$100.
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