• November 21st, 2018
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Nekundi wants parent neglectors punished

WINDHOEK - Swapo backbencher Veikko Nekundi has called for a child-parent law that would criminalise the neglect of parents by their own children. Nekundi’s statement comes at a time when thousands of elderly people have to fend for themselves, while their well-off children lead lavish lifestyles. In many cases, the elderly are forced to raise their grandchildren without the help of the children’s parents. “It is my wish that this august house consider to explore the possibility to introduce a child-parent law. The child-parent law will compel a person to take care of his own parent, provided that his or her earnings, state of mind, physical abilities scientifically prove his or her ability to take care of his parent,” said Nekundi while delivering his budget statement this week. The youthful MP, who also serves as deputy secretary of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), also called on his fellow lawmakers to pass a law that will govern the price of land for housing, as a measure to facilitate the principle of affordability and accessibility of land for housing. He also wants multiple ownership of land for housing to be strictly regulated by the State. “Similarly, I carry that wish that all prices for basic needs as administered by various State agencies be strictly regulated, in order to ensure that the poorest of our citizens have unhindered access to the basic commodities and services,” he said. Patriotism among the youth Another newcomer MP, deputy minister of finance Natangwe Ithete - while making his statement on the same day - was of the opinion that the process of nation building is incomplete, adding that “it requires all of us to continue to instil a sense of obligation and patriotism to the republic in our young people”. “Many of our youth continue to display worrying tendencies of despondency and anti-social behaviour, despite the serious and credible gains we have made in our nations development,” said Ithete. Despite the high average income levels, poverty and income inequality, which continue to prevail in the country, Ithete called on Namibians to hold hands to overcome the situation. “Given the vast disparities in our country, the government has been consistently allocating enormous budget resources towards the social sector in order to push back the frontiers of poverty and vulnerability,” Ithete said. According to Ithete: “This has been realised mainly through income generation opportunities and an extensive social safety net system created through various government policy interventions.”
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