• November 19th, 2018
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The need to engage and inspire!

One of the best-selling entertainers of all time (sold over 75 million records worldwide) once said: “I'm not saying I'm going to change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” (Google it up). Entertainers in Namibia are shy to inspire that mind that will change the world. Entertainers in Namibia are more interested in talking about their next single instead of pronouncing themselves on social issues facing the country. Namibia has many challengers. These are challengers that warrant entertainers to shape the thinking of their following.  What are these issues (but not limited to)?
  1. The land question
  2. Youth Unemployment
  3. Gender-Based Violence
  4. Patriotism
Seldom will you hear a Namibian Entertainer engage fellow intellectuals on a public platform about the aforementioned issues. No! Make that NEVER! Namibian Entertainers will remain broke and irrelevant to the Namibian ear if they are not seem to champion issues that affect the ordinary man on the street. I dare all radio & TV presenters to ask any entertainer during an interview about the aforementioned issues. I promise you one thing; you will be severely disappointed at their uneducated and uninformed views. You cannot be an entertainer if you do not know what is happening in your immediate environment. If. What the heck are you singing about and for?
  1. Popping bottles?
  2. That you the “eish”?
  3. That you got bad b*tches and stacking money to the ceiling?
#Pukes! Entertainers who addressed social injustices through their music are respected yesterday, today and tomorrow. They will continue getting the best gigs in the country. They will continue stacking money to the ceiling that they accumulate from addressing social issues. Ask Dogg and Gazza (Poli-tainment millionaires). Namibia’s youth will continue to be disjointed and uninterested in the political, social and economic process in the country if their idols do not champion and engage these issues publicly. Namibian entertainers, ask yourself the following questions: When was the last time I addressed a school assembly (If ever)? When was the last time I initiated a social debate on social media (if ever)? When was the last time I created art that was widely accepted by society (your friends and girlfriend do not count)? If you defaulted on these questions than it is time to “NAM-UP”! Engage schools. Create public social debating platforms. Create art that will inspire the mind that will change the world!  The need to engage and inspire! Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!   Song of the week: Ras Chatty & Fyah Fox: Ghetto Pain Flop of the week:  Young Greg: We the eish!   NSK is an award-winning entertainer. Notable accolades are: a) UNAM RADIO 2011: Best New Comer Presenter of the year, b) UNAM RADIO 2011: Best Presenter of the year, c) NAMA's 2014: Nominee for Entertainment DJ of the year and d) ENERGY100FM 2014: Best Presenter of the year. @naobebsekind(twitter)  NSK #GMTM (facebook)
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