• November 20th, 2018
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Homeless family abandons tent


WINDHOEK - The family of seven that has been living in a tent at the Single Quarters in Katutura after being evicted from their house which was dubiously sold, have vacated the tent on safety grounds. The homelsss family has lived in a tent situated outside house number 4956 in Single Quarters’ Genesis Street for the past year, after being told it was illegal for them to continue living in their family home. But they have complained time and again it was unsafe for them to live in the tent as they received continuous threats from criminals. “We decided to vacate the tent in February this year when our bed and cupboard were stolen from the tent when my husband went to attend a funeral late last year,” said 49-year-old Wilhelmina Ngunovandu. Neighbours who spoke to New Era anonymously said criminals used the tent at will when the occupants were not around. “We sometimes see very unfamiliar faces here and once thugs were trying to force a woman to go into that tent,” said a woman who lives in the neighbourhood. “Our safety was really compromised so while we are fighting to get back our house we have decided to move in with a friend. There are migrant Zimbabweans staying in our house while we have to struggle for a place to stay,” stated Ngunovandu. “We have not abandoned the tent completely. It’s just that it is really not safe for us especially for our children. Once in a while we come and check if the tent is still there and currently my brother is living here,” said Ngunovandu. Katutura Central Constituency Councillor, Ambrosius Kandjii, when contacted for comment on the Ngunovandu family matter said “it has not been resolved and there is not much progress.”
New Era Reporter
2015-04-17 10:29:50 3 years ago

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