• November 19th, 2018
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The Salon Essemble Nachtcafé in concert at the Goethe Centre

Time Out
Time Out

WINDHOEK- Germany’s Salon Ensemble Nachtcafé is headlining the “Nachtcafé Sehnsucht” concert at the Goethe Centre Courtyard tonight. The concert is part of the on-going “German Weeks” programme, an initiative of  German -funded organisations working in Namibia to celebrate 25 years of cooperation between the Namibia and German governments. The programme aims at celebrating cultural diversity and unites the people of the two nations through cultural, academic and musical events. Jana Kühn, a chanson singer and actress, is currently in Namibia after successfully performing at the “Nachtcafé Sehnsucht” concert in Germany recently. The Salon Ensemble Nachtcafé will be accompanied by artists such as Pianist Kristina Rohn, Anton Kryokov and Manu Kolditz on stage. However, the evening will be full of laughter, music, melodies, love and passion. Alongside the palm court music of the 20s pieces, there will also be performances by Duke Ellington, Astor Piazzolla, Element of Crime and Bertold Brecht. Tomorrow evening the concert shift to Swakopmund  at the Haus der Jugend, starting at six O’clock in the evening (18H00) , and Omaruru next week at the Wronsky-Saal, also starting at six O’clock.   In Windhoek and Swakopmund, the concerts Tickets for the concerts in Windhoek and Swakopmund  are N$80.00 including a complimentary glass of wine and the concert in Omaruru will be free of charge.  However, members of the public are invited to go and enjoy a glass of wine in the serenity of the Goethe Courtyard and have a snack or two, provided by Goethe-Café.
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