• November 19th, 2018
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Demand for breast boosters surges

Special Focus, National
Special Focus, National

WINDHOEK - While some pharmacists are of the expert opinion breast enhancement and firming creams have no side effects for women, others feel buying these products “is a waste of money”. A random survey with different pharmacies in Windhoek yesterday revealed that the creams that “make sagging breasts firm and enlarge breasts of women with small breasts”, are in high demand. “It does work. You have to use it for three to four months to see a difference,” commented Nadine Von Lieres of City Pharmacy. While it is unclear if there are long-term effects in enhancement creams, Von Lieres noted the side effects that many clients complain of are “an irritation which is quite itchy”. The irritation could be cured by using an anti-allergic tablet. Von Lieres suggests the best way to address sagging breasts is to participate in sports. “The best thing is to do push ups as they strengthen the muscles,” said Von Lieres. A pharmacist, who chose to remain anonymous, remarked, “Anybody who uses that is wasting their money. Have you ever seen fingers of an adult growing?,” queried the male pharmacist. Another pharmacist, who also chose to be anonymous, stated that the breast enhancement creams contain “all natural ingredients. It enlarges the breasts but it does not cause cancer. “We’ve got a lot of clients who use it and are satisfied. There are no side effects,” the pharmacist added.
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2015-04-21 10:19:05 3 years ago

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