• November 19th, 2018
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FA and other news

Summerdown FA is hosting a Water-Farmers Day on April 21 at the FA hall. Interesting speakers and exhibitors will attend the day and neighbouring FA’s are invited to join for the day. The day starts at 10:00 and is concluded with a braai. For more information contact Sunette Blaauw by +264 81 293 5120 or at welverdiend@iway.na or for Johannes Blaauw at +264 81 251 6766 or at welverdiend652@gmail.com. Witvlei FA is holding its annual meeting on April 22 at 14:00 at the farmer house at Witvlei. Guest speaker is Mr Kallie von Kühne who will talk about NAU matters. For further details contact Monica Bouwer, Tel 062 570317, gmbouwer@iway.na.  The Meatmaster Association of Namibia is offering a Junior and Senior Meatmaster course at Gellap Ost near Keetmanshoop on April 29 & 30, 2015. The course is offered by the well-known Meatmaster breeders Clynton Collett, Mario du Preez, Jean du Plessis, Dennis & Jo Steenkamp, Johnny Morrison en P W van Heerden. For further information, contact Malinda Steyn, Tel 063 269002, 081 3332873, saamstaan@hotmailo.com. The logistic arrangements will be announced at a later stage. The Meatmaster Association of Namibia is hosting their Annual General Meeting on April 29 at 17:00 at Gellap Ost. For further details contact Malinda Steyn, Tel 063 269002, 081 3332873, saamstaan@hotmail.com. The Outjo Game Festival will be held on May 1 & 2 at the Sophienhof Lodge, outside Outjo. Cycling, target shooting and Rodeo competitions will be held. The game auction will be held on May 2 at 12:00 and various SA artists will perform. For the first time there will be a “taste-and-visit tent” where various South African and Namibian products are exhibited and a sushi demonstration will be given. Information can be obtained as follows: food and wine market: Ms Juliana van der Westhuizen, Tel 081 2782764; stands: Ms Lindie Lombard, Tel 081 2427792, game auction: Mr Jan du Preez, Tel 081 1295340 and general enquiries: Mr Dakkie Anthonissen, Tel 081 1285140.  The 4x4 fun day of the Hoërand FA will be hosted on May 2, 2015 at farm Graal of Willie and Denise Truter in the Maltahöhe district. Refreshments will be served during the day and the day is concluded with a steak braai. Camping is available from May 1 to 3. On Friday evening, May 1 a braai is offered free of charge. The public is invited to enjoy the day and take part in the following categories: main, farmer, women, toys and quad bikes for children. For further details contact Bartie & Antoinette Burger at 063-293330 of 0812842744, antoiburger@gmail.com or Wanda Knipe at 063-293346/0812215763, wandaknipe@mtcmobile.com.na The Pig Producers Association will hold its member meeting on May 13, 2015 at the NAU board room, Windhoek. Further information will follow soon or can be obtained from Rina Hough, Tel 061 237838, joc@agrinamibia.com.na. Keinab FA is hosting its annual Shooting Day on May 9 at 08:00 at the FA hall at Groenrivier. The competition is about the all-round shot (revolver, hunting gun, airgun as well as catapult). Various other competitions are also offered such as moving target, silhouette, clay pigeons, large calibre, etc. Big prizes can be won. For further details contact F Jordaan 063-683487, fjordaan@yahoo.com, J v Niekerk, 063-683485 jacovn@afol.com.na of K Visser 063-683491 sdoorn@afol.com.na. Kalkfeld FA is hosting an Agri Mega Day (mechanization in agriculture) on June 10 at the Farm of Fam G Kahl, Ekundi Farming. Further details will be given soon or can be obtained from Sylvia Friedensdorf, Tel 067 290009, 081 3022896, kfriedensdorf@iway.na. Steinhausen FA is holding its second annual Steinhausen Farmer’s Festival from July 30 to August 1 at Farm Steinhausen. A general cattle auction, catalogue game auction, general auction, cattle breed exhibition, SA artists, children entertainment and much more is offered. For further details contact Jo-Anne van Zyl, Tel 062 561466, 081 7610788, shamwarihunting@iway.na. Stands are still available at the Stampriet Big National Championships which will be held from September 7 – 11. To book them, please contact Dina Kotze, Tel 081 1275524, tobie@afol.com.na.
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