• November 21st, 2018
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Business booming at Khorixas craft centre


Khorixas There has been an increase in business at the Khorixas Community Craft Centre that for three months saw business shrink. “The first three months of the year we normally do not have many customers. From April to November we get many customers,” says 43-year-old Ingenesia Kaunatjike who sells crafts at the centre. The crafts sold at the centre range from stones and traditional dolls to necklaces, bracelets made out of beads and wood carvings. Kaunatjike who is also the head of the centre explained that most of the customers are tourists. As a result, prices of the items vary as foreigners and locals buy the products at different prices. “I can sell an item for N$90 to a tourist while a local can buy it for N$40,” she explained. Kaunatjike further says the craft centre is one way of alleviating unemployment in Khorixas as there are about 20 people from the community who sell their products at the centre. “This business is really good. It helps. I planned and prepared my wedding with money that I earned from selling these crafts. I work on commission. I don’t have formal employment so whatever the other craft people sell I take a small percentage from them as commission,” she says. Forty-five-year-old Katjirikove Tjipemo says he hopes to make a living from his products. “I have been unemployed for many years. I learnt how to carve from people who do this. I am hoping to learn more so that I can sell more products. It takes me four days to carve my artwork,” Tjipemo told New Era.
New Era Reporter
2015-04-24 10:56:22 3 years ago

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