• November 19th, 2018
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My predictions: NAMAs 2015  

Special Focus, Time Out
Special Focus, Time Out

If I happen to get any of the predictions wrong, kindly send me a mail at iwillnotreplybecausethisemaildoesnotexist@yahoo.com and I will send you 2 pin (TN Mobile ONLY)…LOL! Song of the year: KP Illest: Jazz & Jealousy ft. En-Khae & Monique English (This people never see you bro!) Best Musical Event of the Year: Joyous Gospel Music Competition Entertainment DJ of the Year: DJ Maldini (Sorry Gospert Kaffer) Entertainment Journalist of the Year: ANYBODY BUT Gordon Joseph! Most Popular Artist of the Year: 3454-You can’t ignore mos? Best Live Performance of the Year: Sally or Lize Ehlers (Go figure)! Most Disciplined Artist of the Year: Laukey (Gooooooooooooo- BABIES) Radio Song of the Year: Blacksheep: Omaludo ft. Adora (He calls me NAASIKUU) Best Male Artist of the Year: N.I.A (That HUGE scary white guy that looks like Fat Joe? Yeah, him!) Best Female Artist of the Year: Bulan (LOL…LOLOLOLOL) Best Album of the Year: Lize Ehlers: Change (By the way Tswazis, what happened to the 3rd member? Vra maar net) Best Soukous/Kwasa: Female Donkey: Raak My Aan (Stay cool but don’t freeze) Best Single: Gazza: Shuna ft. DJ Bucks & Uhuru (Is that song huka Namibian?) Best Rock / Alternative: The Dotcomz: The Night (Baainaar tendencies) Best Rap/Hip-Hop: LOL Best RnB: LiL D: This Is Love (It was about damn time) Best Oviritje: Bullet Ya Kaoko: Ombua (Aweh Diop, how was the United Kingdom?) Best Song with a Message: Mawela Brigade: I Feel Your Pain ft. Tequila (When I say “Mawela” you reply “Brigade”, MAWELA….?) Best Newcomer: Araffath: Oshiwambo Way ft. Ethnix (What is that toll free number to the ACC again?) Best Music Video: BLEH! Best Kwaito: The Kanye West of Namibia (Or is it Katima?!): Hosh! Best House: This one is different ooooooooooooooo! Best Duo/Group: Ano, who is StarDust? Vorticella, take the WHEEL! Best Gospel: Aye D-Naff wait! V-M all the way! Best Damara Punch: T-Bozz & Staika (Again, baainaar tendencies) Best Collaboration: Tswazis: Togetherness ft. Diop (Mara ouens, what did you guys do the 3rd member?) Best Afro Pop (inclusive of Township Disco): UNO MAN! Best Afrikaans: M.C-Ray (RIP A-Block Cuzzle)   Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!   Song of the week: Jay R ft Deonte-I: Telele Flop of the week:  Skinny Boy G: All about me   NSK is an award-winning entertainer. Notable accolades are: a) UNAM RADIO 2011: Best New Comer Presenter of the year, b) UNAM RADIO 2011: Best Presenter of the year, c) NAMA's 2014: Nominee for Entertainment DJ of the year and d) ENERGY100FM 2014: Best Presenter of the year. @naobebsekind(twitter)  NSK #GMTM (facebook)  
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