• November 19th, 2018
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Namibia, India moot animal vaccine plant


High-level deliberations between Namibian and Indian officials are underway for the possible establishment of a multi-million-dollar animal vaccine plant to be established in Namibia. Namibian High Commissioner to India Pius Dunaiski said in an interview with yesterday that a joint technical committee was established to look into the viability of the idea. “The whole idea is that it should be financially viable and not just something that will drain government coffers,” said Dunaiski. It would be known for sure by the end of the year whether this is feasible, Dunaiski added. Benefits of having an animal vaccine plant in the country include the creation of jobs and technological transfer, said Dunaiski. Furthermore, he highlighted that Namibia and India share cordial diplomatic relations, as could be attested by about 200 Namibian students currently studying in India, the majority of who are concentrated in Bangalore. Dunaiski noted that India played a pivotal role in helping Namibia to establish an air force. “Namibia is rich in uranium. India is very hungry for electricity. We are looking for possible ways of co-operation in that area,” he said, though he acknowledged there are some challenges being experienced in that regard. Dunaiski stated that the Namibian High Commission in New Delhi hosted a successful Namibian silver jubilee anniversary on March, 21. Namibian students, the diplomatic corps as well as Indian dignitaries from government, among others, attended the event.
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2015-04-29 09:55:44 3 years ago

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