• November 18th, 2018
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Be the best version of yourself!

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

They say the sky is the limit but I think you are your own limit and live the life you choose to. It’s like trying to colonise space with a parachute, using the wrong settings. The streets won’t pay you when you join a squad or fight to gain respect. You don’t demand for respect, you have to earn it. It’s a basic responsibility of every parent to ensure their children have access to Education for them to have a better standard of living in society and live their dreams. But here is the catch, not every kid or child is born for school. Some are good in theory some are better off being practical. I would encourage every young person to have a vision in life. Do not study something you are not passionate about. It’s a waste of your own youth, your time and your parent's money. You must ask yourself what you are passionate about and what you are intrigued by. We have young people who drop out of college and I don’t blame them. Mark Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook is one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging college drop outs but what I want to see are more young people doing things for themselves, and not waiting on things to be done for them. I want to see more young people who know what they want and aiming for things that will not only benefit them but that will make a change in someone else’s life. You should know that when you’re studying with the wrong mind set, and a selfish vision, you are in great danger. Ask yourself as a young person how can I contribute to the economic growth of my country? And what unique form of art or production or vision can I offer to create employment? One of the Mistakes that a lot of young people do is study under fear.  They in some cases tend to study what their parents want them to study, and that is demotivating and it does not build a person.  Young people have to realise that its passion, purpose and motivation that matters most. Money has no meaning when you have no purpose in life. I can go to the best university in Cape Town and study a course I’m not really into and still be unemployed for six years. So the whole mindset of depending on the government should change. Another problem I want to raise is, we should change this habit of living with our parents until we are 30. You have to get out of your comfort zone.  Sometimes you need to learn to leave by yourself, experience challenges and overcome them alone, which are one of the easy ways of becoming strong individuals. My advice to young people is to ask God for guidance. He will give you peace to make decisions instead of following fiends and where big money is. Be wise, get wiser and learn through your mistakes. No one in this world wants to be with a person who has no vision. So fight for it. Master your artistry and live a great life not an average life. GOD'S children don’t live miserable lives. Be the best version of yourself. Yanick Ranca is an open minded student studying to become a chef and who enjoys writing about his life experiences.    
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2015-05-06 11:19:38 3 years ago

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