• November 19th, 2018
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Is Kalux destined for superstardom?

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

  SWAKOPMUND-The sensational Afro-Pop, Rhythm and Beats singer, Saggarias Karunga, popularly known as Kalux, last weekend scooped the Best Newcomer category at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAS)  thus effectively entering the local music scene. The 24-year-old singer could not hold his excitement scooping the Best Newcomer award with his hit song Hafifange, translating into English  as ‘make me happy’.  The Otjiwarongo-based singer also earned himself remarkable credits from the crowd after he also performed the song Hafifange. With his massive talent, Kalux is ready to take the music industry by storm. His 16-track debut album titled Superstar was released end of last year and is still making its marks on all radio stations and social networks.  With hit songs such as Hafifange, Netira, I love you, Nxa Gute and many more, the album is worthy listening to. “For now I have dropped music videos of Hafifange last year and Netira video last week, which is still a new video to the industry,” says Kalux. Throughout his music career, Kalux wants his work to reach international markets and at some point to be nominated for international awards like the Channel ‘O Awards.
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2015-05-08 15:18:32 3 years ago

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