• November 18th, 2018
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AEA Congress The upcoming annual congress of the Agricultural Employers Association (AEA) will take place on June 16, at 07:30 at the Arebbush Travel Lodge, Windhoek. The congress documents will be sent electronically by email to participants once the office has received their registrations. Farmers Associations with 15 to 25 registered members can sent 1 representative, those with between 26 and 50 members can sent two and Farmers Associations with between 51 and 100 members can sent three representatives. For more information, please contact Danie van Vuuren, principal officer of the AEA at Tel 061 237838, lwv-aea@agrinamibia.com.na. Registration fees are N$260 per representatives and forms must reach the office not later than June 9. Farmers Unions should bear the registration costs of their delegate/s to the congress and payments can be done prior to the congress by means of direct deposits. Kalkfeld FA is hosting an Agri Mega Day (mechanization in agriculture) on June 10 at the Farm of Fam G Kahl, Ekundi Farming. Further details will be given soon or can be obtained from Sylvia Friedensdorf, Tel 067 290009, 081 3022896, kfriedensdorf@iway.na. The Limousin Cattle Breeders Association of Namibia is hosting a judging course on June 11 & 12 at Farm Ombuerendende of Mr & Mrs Sigi Baas. The course will be offered by Willie Grobler and the costs are N$750 per person. For further details contact Ellie Lottering, Tel 081 2116611, franseli@iway.na. Karibib FA is holding a member meeting on June 13 at 16:00 at Farm Kaltenhausen. Further enquiries can be directed to Doris Gladis, Tel 061 237400, doris@hemconamibia.com. The Santa Gertrudis Cattle Breeders Assoication of Namibia is offereing a two-day senior judging course on July 15 & 16 at the farm of Fam Immo and Henner Wilckens. The course will be offered by Mr Martin Seyfferdt and the costs are N$800 per person. Please register before June 10 with Maxie Boehmcker, Tel 081 2688939, namibiasantagertrudis@gmail.com or moringa@iway.na. Steinhausen FA is holding its second annual Steinhausen Farmer’s Festival from July 30 to August 1 at Farm Steinhausen. A general cattle auction, catalogue game auction, general auction, cattle breed exhibition, SA artists, children entertainment and much more is offered. For further details contact Jo-Anne van Zyl: Tel 062 561466, 081 7610788, shamwarihunting@iway.na. Aroab Farmers Association is hosting an Aroab ‘Boeresport’event.  On 10 July  – a 30 and 60 km endurance ride and on 11 July  – a ‘Boeresport’ day.  All is invited.  For more information contact: Wiehan Burger 0812371411 or Jaco Blaauw 063 280632
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