• November 21st, 2018
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Ministry of Veterans Affairs

Query: Mr President, after the 4’O regions received their veterans monies, has it all stopped? Nickey Iyambo has disapproved almost 400 people in the Hardap and //Kharas regions. For us Namas and Damaras, we register, wait 5 years for interview or die, or survive, get interviewed, wait 5 years for the N$50 000 or die. Response: The Veterans Act of 2008 as amended, makes provision for the application and registration of persons for veteran status to be referred to the Veterans Board, which, among others, is to determine applications for registration as veteran or dependent of a living or deceased veteran; determine applications by veterans or dependents of veterans for assistance from the fund and to determine applications by veterans or dependents for funding of projects by the fund. The Veterans Board, based on the information provided by the applicants, approves or disapproves such applications. Furthermore, applicants who are aggrieved by any decision of the Veterans Board are entitled to appeal such decision through the Veterans Appeal Board to consider their appeal. It is the sole decision of the Veterans Board, not the Vice-President, then Minister of Veterans Affairs, as purported by the author of the above SMS. Those who appealed should be patient and await the decision of the Appeal Board. Edson Haufiku, Senior Public Relations Officer, Email: edson.haufiku@mova.gov.na
New Era Reporter
2015-05-19 10:34:50 3 years ago

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