• November 16th, 2018
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Top Taxi Joy for Kakunya and Niikondo


  All smiles … Wilhellem Kakunya (left) and Marthin Niikondo are last week’s lucky Kosmos Radio Top Taxi winners.  They both were delighted to be recognised as the best taxi drivers in the capital.  “Gosh, I am very happy and I want to tell my taxi comrades to always obey the traffic rules and also stand a chance to win prizes,” said Kakunya with a smile. Niikondo said his never-give-up attitude paid off after many tries of submitting his Top Taxi form. They also received N$3 000 into their Standard Bank Basic Blue Accounts, which goes with other benefits such as a debit card and low transaction fees. This savings account is for clients who earn less than N$2 000 per month. Besides the cash prize, they also walked away with first aid kits from E-Med Rescue and a free wax service for their taxis by Auto Exec.  
New Era Reporter
2015-05-21 11:06:53 3 years ago

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