• November 17th, 2018
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Ministry of Health and Social Services

National, The Feedback
National, The Feedback

Query: Doctor Bernhard Haufiku, tell us what is wrong with the Omuthiya District Hospital. It is only functioning at the level of a clinic? We are tired of travelling long distances from Omuthiya to Onandjokwe to receive medical treatment. Please tell us the way forward.

Response: The ministry is working around the clock to equip the Omuthiya District Hospital with proper medical infrastructure in order for it to start admitting patients and operate as a hospital. The plan is to achieve this by the end of the current financial year.

Query: Health Minister Bernhard Haufiku, is there any explanation about the state of your ministry? Why is it that the hospitals don’t have medicine? Until when is this situation going to prevail?

Response: Public health facilities are not allowed to run out of medicines should such medications be available at Central Medical Store. The public should point out specific cases for assistance and investigation. Equally, the public should accept alternative medications prescribed to them because such medicines are equally effective and listed in the Nemlist - an official document that lists all medicines used to treat state patients.

Query: We are graduate enrolled nurses from Otjiwarongo. We have not been employed yet but staff are being employed from outside. What is going on, matron of Otjiwarongo?

Response: Recruitment at the Otjozondjupa Regional Health Directorate is conducted by the regional recruitment committee headed by the Director. Employment for new nurses is currently underway and no applicants have been overruled. Should there be any applicant turned away, contact the director’s office at 067-302078.

Query: Ministry of Health and Social Services, old people are travelling from Oshakati to Windhoek just for mammogram screening. Please install a machine at Oshakati State Hospital and spare these poor old people the trouble.

Response: The Ministry will urgently look into this matter. Thank you.

Query: Minister of Health Bernhard Haufiku, please help me.  Since last year I have a problem feeling like there is something in my throat and I went to the hospital four times now but they did [treatments], which are not helping at all. Help me please. I am so scared that it could be something serious like cancer. I am based in Windhoek.

Response: State patients not properly treated should either contact the customer care officials, head of the health facility or the matron to lay their complaint, if not assisted at those levels you may contact the Public Relations Officer on 061- 2032054.

Ester Paulus, Public Relations Officer E-Mail:  pauluse@mhss.gov.na.

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