• April 19th, 2019
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Ama Daz Floor release album number two

Time Out
Time Out


The quartet of Zulu Boy, Sixa, Doctie and Anchux, known together as Ama Daz Floor has released their second album titled Twafika, which simply means we have arrived.

Sixxa says they have decided to title their second album Twafika, following the notable success of the debut album titled Mwakala Nale, which means it has been long time, released last year. “The first album was just an introduction of us to the music industry, hence we titled it Mwakala Nale, but the new offering is to show that we are in the industry to take over with full force and no one will stop us,” says Sixa.

He adds that the album caters for all the music-lovers from young to old. The 15- track album has the feel of Kwaito, House, Dancehall and Afro Pop and Gospel genres, with songs that can make almost everyone dance to them. According to Sixa, the album is also encouraging at the same time, since it contains many messages. Songs include Uunona Vavenduka ( for them a reference to Windhoek Girls while Uunona actually means children), talks more about the behaviours of girls living in the Capital; Show Your True Colour and Omandengu.

The album features the likes of Anna, Dama Monique, Swart Baster, Ben and Mento. It is produced by Shekeni, Tommy, Doctie, Mento, Becks and Nasho Beats.

CAPTION: Amaz Daz Floor….Zulu Boy, Sixa, Anchux and Doctie of Ama who recently released their second album titled Twafika.

Picture: Amaz Daz Floor

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2015-05-29 12:21:22 3 years ago

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