• November 20th, 2018
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An all stars weekend of designers, musicians and comedians in store

Time Out
Time Out


The second edition of the All Star Weekend Show set for next Friday at the Warehouse Theatre is promising a lot of entertainment extravaganza.

The event is hosted by Noel the Entertainer of The Voice Production. He says this time he is adding some entertainment activities to spice up the event as he plans to have a mix of a fashion show, comedy show and live musical performances. During the show, University of Namibia (Unam) radio presenter, Ruffy, will host the Red Carpet with Queni Avula and Webster will be the Master of Ceremony. Artists such as Big Ben, Fishman and Big Jay-2 are expected to deliver their usual dazzling performances. Fashion Designer, Cathy Tshikesho, will be showcasing her Urban Glam designs three times during the show.

“All star weekend is not just giving a chance to big names but also to upcoming Namibian stars. We have a well-known Namibian comedian of Courage and Chiro, and we also plan giving a chance to some good up-coming comedians to show their works in order for them to be known,” says Noel the Entertainer. He adds that the All Stars Weekend is here to bring all Namibian stars together with individuals in order for them to mingle, interact and network with one another. “Through this show, we need to give respect to those who have put Namibia on the map through their talents. The show will be aired on Namibian Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC) on Chanel 1 at Seven O’clock in the evening (19h00) the next day,” Noel the Entertainer entices.

CAPTION: Fashion designer... Cathy Tshikesho will be showcasing her Urban Glam collections next Friday during the All Stars Weekend of music, fashion and comedy.

Picture: All Stars Weekend 1

Caption: Big Ben ....will perform live during the second edition of the All Stars Weekend.

Picture: All Stars Weekend 2

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